New Store for Tech Enthusiast

Parma, MI

This just in:

A new store has just opened up in the small town of Parma. A store for all those tech junkies in the area.

The manager of the store had this to say: We put this store into this town for the convenience. Usually the people of this town have to go into the nearby city of Jackson, or even further into places like Lansing or Ann Arbor. We hope that many people will take this into consideration next time they need a PC upgrade.

The store offers many perks from buying parts to repairs. If they don't have a part that you want they will buy it for you to have it shipped to the store. And for those who are just starting out building a PC, they offer to help with the assembly. Just bring in all the parts and the case, and they'll put you with one of their expert staff. There is also the ability to call their tech support, for those who can't get into the store, but have the time to call.

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